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Conversion and Renovations

Conversion and Renovations are the bread and butter to our business. Making old and tired spaces become your dream space can be both challenging and rewarding. Taking your vision and making it a reality needs thoughtful planning and consideration for structural requirements. CCS will bring your space back to life just how you dreamed it could be.

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Over the last few years CCS have been privileged to help many clients convert barns, water towers, churches, georgian and victorian properties into new dream homes. Taking areas that need completely renovating to beautiful usable spaces is both a pleasure and intimidating, you just never know what you will need to deal with.

These types of buildings always seem to have a prestige character appeal to them, that draws people towards the idea of converting a tired, worn or even derelict building into a lucrative new home. CCS will guide you through saving and preserving the features and character of these unique buildings.


Whether you’re revamping your own home or redeveloping a house or flat to sell on, it’s likely the work you do will be subject to planning permission and building regulations. You also need to consider other building and construction requirements before planning what you may want from your project.

Renovation can often through a few issues into your project and CCS has seen more than a few of them over the years. CCS extensive knowledge and knowhow can deliver the modern feel that many new renovation projects need. Many construction companies will look at renovations and use traditional technics to deliver what they think you should have, as to giving you the vision you’ve dreamed of. Our experience team of recognised professional contractors have the latest tools and ideas for modern day living, while giving a first class finish you expect from professional trades.

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