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New Builds

CCS bespoke conservatories allow limitless possibilities for the addition of an extra room to your property. Gone are the days of trying to find a standard design that will fit your space.

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Tracking down the right site for your new build project can seem like a headache, but don’t panic – over 13,000 people manage it every year!

Contemporary construction services have people in place, to find plots of land to fulfill your requirements. CCS can also arrange for the removal and demolition of a site, if you have been able to locate a building that suites your needs.

One of the first things you need to have in place on a new build project is funding – and having the finance available right from the start could be crucial in sealing the deal on a plot.


We will also give you realistic budgets. Despite what you might think from watching shows such as Grand Designs, most custom new build projects don’t end up turning into money pits. CCS will make early contact with the planners to see whether your project is viable. Applying for pre-application advice with your local planning departments.

This can help you get a strong idea of what your planning officer will and won’t accept in terms of general style, size and any materials stipulations. All of this will help you break ground and start your journey to the dream family home you desire.

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